Beverley Wolter, formally Beverley Drozda is a renowned, national awarding winning, faux finisher & decorative painter/artist with over 12 years experience. As the owner of INFINITE CREATIONS, LLC 
a high end decorative paint Co. well known for creating “Walls of Art” & with over 100 custom faux finishes she has now expanded her abilities. By combining her decorative painting skills & a life long artistic background she now produces several different series of paintings & portable wall art.  From Contemporary to Neo Classic, Old world to Traditional, her wide range of experience has showcased and magnified her talents. By using her custom created finishes she has now taken her art to another level. 

"When you change the way you ook at things the things you look at change!"
"As an artist it is my passion to create and help others see from a different perspective. I believe everyone deserves to have their own reflections shown in the art they collect! My pieces serve as a reminder to the truth of our existance and an inspiration to forever move in the direction of our dreams . " 
~Beverley Wolter

My mission is to bring together inspirational words and images with beautifully hand crafted finishes to create unique one of a kind pieces. I use my creative strengths & work to reflect all respects of life: physical & mental health, happiness, love, relationships, spirituality, financial wealth and abundance, beauty, nature, harmony, strength & peace.