Painted Canvas Collection
Vision of Love
36"x36" Mixed Media Canvas 
"To be driven & passionate about what one wants out of life can be expressed so many ways. Being given a vision of the importance of holding what's sacred & truly desired sometimes requires a little reminder to keep the faith."
The Box "Outside"
24"x36" Acrylic/foils Canvas
Affirmation of Love
20"x 30" canvas 
Prismatic paint w/hand lettering
10"X10" Metallics on canvas
"e" is adorned with Fire Opal Swaraski Crystals
Triptychic and other pieces
24" x36" Triptych 
"The flow of perception can appear to change like the wavesof the ocean. Still like glass or moving quickly & effortlessly w/ direction & grace. We can chose to live & ride the wave of serenity or allow the deeper waves around us to drown out all that dives with in."
"Portal View"
Copper Horizon
Triptych, Gilded w/ dyes & resin
"There is a moment in the dawn where everything appears to turn a shade of copper. The sky changes much like the many things in life. If you close your eyes only for a flash you may miss it."

"Nature's Paintbrush"
"Blue Rust"
"Blue Snow"
"The Glass Tree"
Abstracts of Nature
Words of Inspiration
Triptychs & Other Abstracts

"Perspectives" Wall Canvas 7x9 Feet Reactive solvents, metals & paints
"Vintage Poppies"
"Affinity of Patience" 5x3 feet
!st Piece completed after my son's birth
"7 Moments" 24x36"
Most recent Commissions